Android App in Remote Control Mode

Android App in Remote Control Mode

Hey guys!

I have an issue with the app when it's controlling my desktop Spotify.

An example:

Play an album. Song name, album art and remaining time in song show properly. Now find a new song you want to insert into the queue. Press add to queue. Now when the next song plays, my desktop plays the desired song but album art, song name and track length shown (on my phone) are as if I had never added the new song to queue. The next song on the original album is shown.

This problem doesn't exist if I add songs to the queue on my phone only (not acting as a remote)

Any clues guys?

Galaxy Note 4
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There must be someone else out there with this problem?


It doesn't happen sometimes, it happens every time. It's as if the two devices do not sync their queue properly. It gets even worse when you queue more songs from the phone. I just had the music stop after a song finished. 


Had the same issue on another computer controlled by this phone. 


I'll try Spotify on more phones to see if it's a common problem 


Any clues will be appreciated  


Just tried on my old Galaxy Note 2. Exact same issue with the queue. At least its consistent.


The only way to guarantee what shows on my device is the same as whats being played on the desktop is to just not add tracks to the queue. Just start a new song or album without the "add to queue" feature

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