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Android Auto Playlist Shuffling


Android Auto Playlist Shuffling



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Pixel 3, 2020 Audi


When starting a large playlist on Android Auto such as "Liked Songs", I would like the playlist to always play in "shuffle" ordering. I propose adding a global Android Auto specific setting to configure this, or remember preference per playlist. I suspect adding a setting would be easier route. Either that or give me an easier mechanism to start playing in shuffle mode like on the Android phone UI. It's possible to turn on shuffle mode by opening the dots menu, but it is tedious to follow this routine over and over

  1. open dots menu
  2. navigate to shuffle
  3. click shuffle
  4. close dots menu
  5. skip to next song

I understand there is already an "idea" to add sorting options, but I don't think this is the same and I didn't want to hijack that "idea"-


I also understand how there are others who specifically do not want to shuffle playlists by default, which is why I propose a setting



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I finally figured out how to post a "new idea". It's not at all clear.

So, is there any solution to start Liked playlist with shuffle by default? I start it with voice: "Ok goole play liked songs" and it starts without shuffle

Hi there @-_dzh92fnpza,


Thanks for the post.


There is no way to switch Shuffle on by default when playing content from your Google Home speaker. 


You can try the commands listed under Shuffle here, like "Hey Google, Shuffle play Liked Songs". Alternatively, you can play your Liked Songs via voice command on the speaker and then hit the Shuffle button on your phone to enable shuffle play.


Hope this helps.

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