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Android Auto Unable to Browse albums on Spotify

Android Auto Unable to Browse albums on Spotify






Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Operating System

Android Oreo

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Android auto is unable to browse albums on spotify. This issue has been going along for quite a while. There were several updates which did not address this. How is it that Android Auto which is supposed tp prevent us from using our phones be so useless sometimes. Can't browse my albums. My guess is after having so many albums it can't load which is ridiculous as phones are more than capable of managing that much information. Please fix this it is annoying and inconvenient. It's always a software issue when involved with Google and I'm so sick of it. If this was an iOS issue ya'll would have fixed it by now! See attached photo. And by the way a hard reset, uninstall and clear cache doesn't work. Those methods never do. They are lazy solutions!


Screenshot_20190120-090420_Android Auto.jpg
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