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[Android Auto] "Spotify doesn't seem to be working

[Android Auto] "Spotify doesn't seem to be working


Realme GT Neo 2

Operating System

Android 13



I have started use Spotify on Android Auto since August 2023. Till that date have no issue on phone, app working fine. Unfortunatelly on Android Auto after second connection by cable have a error "Spotify doesn't seem to be working". That is realy anoing, I need to restart phone or force stop Spotify by long press icon, next information and Force Stop. Other apps like YT Music, Replaio, TomTom, AutoMapa, Google Maps has no issue, only Spotify. I migrated all my playlist to YT Music and it works like a charm. Now thinking about resign from Spotify, all is working the same on YT music without that anoing issue. I opened a case at begining of October 2023 and till now no solution, only replay that this case is on high level escalation whatever that means. I think that help me look around on other music delivery services.

Spotify support looking problem in a phone, ask me to change some settings but that not helps. Only Spotify has that issue. Others apps working like a charm. I think that is so anoing and I'm using now in a car YT Music. I don't see any differences, work perfect without that problem. If they not fix it probably i resign from Spotify, could be that the issue is from 2017 and they cannot fix it. In my case that takes too long and I have enough time to see other services and just switch to other. Could be a reason that they not solve it.


2024-01-11 07.png
2024-01-11 11.png
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It's not working in my case. Still the same problem. version of Spotify.

Set "Start music automatically" to off not solving that issue in my case. Spotify

I have the same problem on my OnePlus 8T running Android 13. It's really a shame. I downloaded an app from the Play Store called Hibernator and put it's widget on the home screen. It helps me force close Spotify from my home screen which I, sadly, have to do more times than not

Thank you!! This fixed my issue. I had just started using Samsung's modes and didn't realize it is what was causing this bug. For anyone else, I'd recommend entirely disabling the driving routine in the modes and routines app, that is what fixed the issue.

How do you that?
Thank you.

This is for Samsung phones.
Go to the Modes and Routines app.
Select Modes at the bottom of the screen.
Select driving.
Delete it.

I only had the issue after I set up the driving mode to autoplay a Spotify playlist. Deleting the mode solved my issue.

Possibly this is one of the reasons. I feel that main reason when you start listening music before connected to AA, then connect to AA and Spotify is crashing. 

For example with routines: we connected to AA, routine starts on the phone for a moment and then switch to AA Spotify. But yeah, disabling driving mode could help, but it is not the root of the bug. We are still waiting when Spotify developers will sit in the car with android phone and will catch this annoying issue

I can't delete it.
It has the status 'Not set' but there is no option to delete it.

  • You are just trying to find a workaround to the problem and not a solution. The solution lies with Spotify. The problem is not your phones and their services but the poor quality of the application. They haven't done anything about it, all you have to do is search a little on the Internet. Completely nothing since 2017. Other apps work without problems.

That's just great 😒

As dzh92fnpza said "I feel that main reason when you start listening music before connected to AA, then connect to AA and Spotify is crashing." I have exactly the same thoughts. I listen to a lot of Spotify on headphones, then I get in the car and drive and it crashes almost every time. I then have to "force stop" Spotify and reconnect via cable to Android Auto or restart the phone. It's like no other app crashes like this, whether it's navigation or any other music or radio listening app. Developers won't do anything about it, I'm almost determined not to pay them for premium anymore. I'm waiting until the end of the month.

Start using other apps like YT music and Replaio Radio. Never, never crash.

Thank you.
I rarely listen to spotify except while driving and even then it crashes
and then i need to clear the cash and force stop.
I will try the other apps that you mentioned.

YT music works like a charm, but have weird shuffling options

hi All, this issue was reported in years back.

Opened by Raf84, at the end he resign from subsription and switch to Tidal. Like he said in 2021: "try Tidal. You can transfer all your playlists and the music quality is
great and I have had in 2 months now ZERO issues. Only thing I miss is the
discover weekly from Spotify, but hey at least now I get to use a service
I'm paying for. This thread has blown up and yet Spotify has ZERO to add to
this. Sad."

Till 2024 nothing has change, people just resign from spotify and starts using different apps.Unfortunately spotify can't fix it, either they pretend there is no problem they are too big and don't give a damn about such cases, or their delelopers are too weak to fix it. Looking at the aforementioned thread there is no chance they will fix it. 

Hey folks, 


Thanks for letting us know. 


We'll happily pass your feedback onto the appropriate team. Be advised however that we cannot say for certain at the moment when or if this is going to get implemented. 


The Community's here for you should you need help with anything else. 


Have a good one!

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You cannot say if they going to fix a bug? 🙂 we don't need to implement a feature, we need to fix the bug

Hahahah, the audacity...As if we were requesting anything else but for the app to function properly with Android Auto 😂

Due to problems with Android Auto after 6 years with Spotify I started looking for other music services and after YT Music I ended up with Tidal. I think that thanks to Spotify I solved two of my problems lack of HiFi and crashing of applications with Android Auto by switching to the competition Tidal. My thoughts, colleagues, are that you can put in the trash all actions related to clearing the cache, reinstallation, changing settings in Android Auto. It doesn't do anything Spotify gets crashed from Android Auto and nothing will help but fixing the app from the Developers side for which Spotify said it doesn't know when. I also don't know the ETA of returning to Spotify. So for now Spotify and good luck ignoring this problem for years. I wonder how many premium users you have lost because of this? It seems to me not enough yet.

I have same issue, s23+, Android 14 and its begun a few days

I only use Spotify with Android Auto

I have to restart the phone every time, ita annoying

Welcome to the club 🤷‍♂️

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