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[Android Auto] "Spotify doesn't seem to be working

[Android Auto] "Spotify doesn't seem to be working


Realme GT Neo 2

Operating System

Android 13



I have started use Spotify on Android Auto since August 2023. Till that date have no issue on phone, app working fine. Unfortunatelly on Android Auto after second connection by cable have a error "Spotify doesn't seem to be working". That is realy anoing, I need to restart phone or force stop Spotify by long press icon, next information and Force Stop. Other apps like YT Music, Replaio, TomTom, AutoMapa, Google Maps has no issue, only Spotify. I migrated all my playlist to YT Music and it works like a charm. Now thinking about resign from Spotify, all is working the same on YT music without that anoing issue. I opened a case at begining of October 2023 and till now no solution, only replay that this case is on high level escalation whatever that means. I think that help me look around on other music delivery services.

Spotify support looking problem in a phone, ask me to change some settings but that not helps. Only Spotify has that issue. Others apps working like a charm. I think that is so anoing and I'm using now in a car YT Music. I don't see any differences, work perfect without that problem. If they not fix it probably i resign from Spotify, could be that the issue is from 2017 and they cannot fix it. In my case that takes too long and I have enough time to see other services and just switch to other. Could be a reason that they not solve it.


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Exactly, after the new One UI update, Spotify on Android Auto no longer works. May be the end of my whole family's subscriptions if they don't fix it quickly.

Identical issue where AA UI for Spotify is just grey and eventually says Spotify is not working.

AA in 2023 F-150 

Spotify version

Samsung Galaxy S22 with One UI 6.0 and Android version 14

This issue just started to happen to me, came to Google to see how to fix, looks like it can't be! 

A lot of comments and likes here, but moderators and devs don't want even to put it in "under investigation" category.

It's not a feature, it's a real bug!

Any suggestion how to escalate it?

After installing the latest Samsung update, I am now able to access Spotify in Android Auto as normal.

Security Path Level: February 1, 2024 , which became available to me on February 25, 2024.

Lucky you.
The rest of us are not that forunate 🤷‍♂️

Under auto....battery....make sure its not on optimized......force stop android auto and boom everything works


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