Android Device (Galaxy S9 Plus) showing unknown devices


Android Device (Galaxy S9 Plus) showing unknown devices


Plan: Premium

Country: Brazil

Device: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Operating System: Android Oreo


My Question or Issue: Hello guys! Since today morning I'm receiving a notification on my Galaxy S9 Plus that my Spotify is open on a "Web Player (Opera)", but I don't use opera, I'm not using spotify (besides in my android phone) and I never told my password to anyone.


5 minutes ago I changed my password, removed all logged devices, cleared the app cache/data on my android phone and deleted my spotify app, but after reinstall it and login again on my Galaxy S9 Plus (using the new password) I immediately receive the notification that Spotify is running on an Web Player (Opera).


I don't even know this artists and musics being played in my spotify, because I don't like this kind of music.


In Picture 01 you can see the Android notification "Spotify - Listening in Web Player (Opera)"


In Picture 02 you can see Spotify asking me if I want to listening it in my phone or keep listening in this "Web Player (Opera)".


In Picture 03 you can see that it's playing the 0nmjl9tlp02y30jtoq5cqf96e" and Web Player (Opera) as a "Spotify Connect" option.


Hope you can help me! Thanks!!

Picture 01.png
Picture 02.png
Picture 03.png