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Android Download Issues

Android Download Issues

Plan: Premium

Country: Canada

Device : LG G6

Operating System Android 8

My Question or Issue;


For around the last 2 to 3 weeks, my Spotify app has ceased to be able to download any music.


Been a subscriber for quite some time, at least a year and have never had issues with Spotify, I think it's great - then an update came out and this happened.


So here's the details on the issue;


1) Originally when this issue happened, the Spotify app froze and caused my phone to freeze too, which required me to remove the battery to fix(IE don't open the Spotify app)

2) Re-installed the app, lost all my downloaded music(as I nuked the entire app/data) precisely for troubleshooting reasons

3) App opens and experiences no issues with streaming while on LTE network OR WiFi

4) Issues occur when attempting to download music for offline listening, I have 13 GB's available on my SD card and 7 GB's available on my internal


What happens is the phone will download say... 2 to 5 tracks, then switch to "waiting for download" this makes no additional progress and behavior remains the same with LTE connection.


This is the first time any issues have occurred with Spotify in my use case.


Is this already a known problem OR something you're investigating? If it's not, can I have the version for Spotify from October 15th - 25th? This one was the last one which worked and I've been unable to use my subscription properly for at least 3 weeks(was hoping an update would fix it) doesn't seem to be happening 😞


Thank you!

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