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Android Downloads

I've downloaded about 2500 songs to an SD card in my tablet, whenever I remove the SD card to put in another one with other files on it, it deletes all of the music that I've downloaded.

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Hello @Alsitar,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

Your offline data is bound to the device you've downloaded it on and you can't transfer the data to another device. 🙂

I'm not trying to put it onto another device I'm trying to remove an SD card and put the same one back into the same device without having to re-download every time. 
It says in the settings that there is just under ten gig of data from spotify on the card still so why do I have to re-download every time?
I also unselected the download button and selected it again mid download and it deleted everything again for the second time today.
Is this a bug or am I just missing something simple?

Hey @Alsitar,

Sorry I thought you are trying to use the SD card on another device with Spotify : )
If you could confirm the following I can keep investigating:

  • Your device.
  • Your device's operating system.
  • The exact Spotify version installed (check About Spotify)

Thank you!

Its a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 thats running Android and the Spotify version is armV7

Its happened before this as well but only when I updated it but as far as I can tell its because it had to re-install the application.

Thank you for the help 🙂

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