[Android] Footer displays incorrect song info


[Android] Footer displays incorrect song info

When backgrounding the app, upon returning and selecting a new song in an offline synced playlist, no matter which song is selected the footer in the app displays the old song which was played prior to the backgrounding. When terminating the app the listening service continues to run, upon reopening the app the footer is corrected. The screen spotify widget also contains the correct info at that point, whereas befotehand it is gray and completely blank.

Running version on a motox 32 gb model on verizon.
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Re: [Android] Footer displays incorrect song info

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I have similar issues, mainly when using Spotify connect however. Spotify 'forgets' that it is playing a song, and it takes ages for it to realise that it is...


This causes the lock screen controls to disappear 😞


Also, the lockscreen controls disappear if the screen turns off when the music has been paused.