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Android - New Playlists disappearing

Android - New Playlists disappearing

I think there are similar posts to this one, but it doesn't seem to be a problem that is going away, and Spotify seem a long way from rectifying it. 


Since about last week, my mobile device ( HTC One X ) seems unable to retain any new playlists that I sync for offline playback. There doesn't seem to be any pattern - they will stay for a few hours, for a day, for a few minutes in some cases. I don't know what the cut off was/is, but my previous playlists are ok. I don't believe I have more tracks that I am allowed ( i have 2128 tracks synced ).


I have tried resetting the cache, reinstalling the app etc etc. But, let's be frank here, I pay for this, so I shouldn't have to bust my balls continuously fighting an app that doesn't do what I am paying it to do.


This is the third major problem I have encountered with Spotify in the past few months. I'm getting rather tired of a service that I used to love, but which now quickly becoming not fit for purpose. 





4 Replies

I'm having this exact issue with my HTC One S.  The playlists which were saved and downloaded using the old style app are fine, anything that I have saved and downloaded using the new style app isn't so good.  Either the playlist disappears completely or it marks itself as online only.  If I then mark it to download, it will do so very fast as it uses the data which is already on the phone indicating that it hasn't really deleted it and it's just lost the reference to it. 


Very frustrating and as a loyal Premium subscriber for >2 years extremely disappointing. 

Interestingly, the new playlists which have disappeared from my phone do appear correctly on the PC client. 

I fixed it.  Deleted app data, uninstalled Spotify app, restarted phone, installed Spotify app. All playlists were then available.  I then had to mark the ones I wanted offline to download.  They're all still there. 


It now works which means I won't be ending my Premium subscription yet.  Does suck that this is necessary and shows poor testing of the app upgrades. 

This fixed my problem for a couple of weeks, it is now happening again and playlists are disappearing on a regular basis.

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