Android OS Data Usage

Android OS Data Usage


I have two phones, one is a Nexus 5 and one is a Nexus 6.  They are both running 5.1.1 and using the newest Spotify version from the Google Play store.  They have also both been completely blown away and factory image flashed multiple times to test this issue.


Can someone explain to me why Spotify and Android OS use pretty much the exact same data usage?  As soon as a song is played, Spotify and Android OS jump in data usage at nearly the same rate.  This is not a problem with someone with unlimited data, but on T-Mobile, Spotify doesn't count against data but Android OS is using data as well and it does count againt your data cap.


Any ideas or suggestions?  Has anyone else noticed this or reported it?  I could not find anything previously posted but may have overlooked it.




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Hey there @user-removed! Click this link to find out some good steps to solve most issues.

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