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[Android] One Song On Local Files Will Not Download - "This Song Is Not Available"

[Android] One Song On Local Files Will Not Download - "This Song Is Not Available"

I am getting one error out of the entire album saying "This song is not available." It is a local file. The rest of the album downloaded fine.


  • Screenshots:
  • I have tried:
    • Uninstalling and reinstalling.
    • Uninstalling and installing an older version.
    • Disconnecting to mobile then reconnecting to WiFi.
    • I am on the same WiFi when downloading playlists.
    • Redid the tags on the song to remove the period from the song, no change. 

I am on Windows 10 and my Pixel XL is on 7.1. 

3 Replies

Examining the images I see:

On the desktop client a playlist with local files added. Track two is greyed out.

On android, the same playlist with the same track greyed out. The playlisy has not been downloaded - the "download" button is off and none of the tracks have a green download arrow against them.


I think confusion has happened because the album is available on spotify:


Because of this, the tracks in your playlist (even if they are local files) have been linked to spotify's database. It's possible that track 2 isn't available on spotify in your country which would explain why it is greyed out. Also, before local files can be listened to on android, they have to be downloaded as explained here.


For this to work, you would need to change something like the artist's name in the metadata to prevent spotify from making the link. If you can play all the tracks from the album on spotify, why not just save that to your music instead of messing with local files?


If, the album plays from spotify with the exception of track 2, here's what to do:

On your PC create a new playlist and add to it the tracks available on spotify.

Change the artist name in the local file for track 2 then add it to the playlist.

Follow the steps here to download the files to your android.


Sorry about the length of my reply but I hope it makes sense and you will be able to listen to the full album on your Pixel 🙂

The album is not even available on Spotify. The song is not on Spotify either.


Here is a look at the MP3 tag:


Edit: Well I'll be damned, it is on Spotify but it's not under the actual band's name.

Ah yeah, I should have mentioned it wasn't under the artist - sorry 😞 But then I did embed the album 🙂

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