[Android] Search Engine and Skipping Music

[Android] Search Engine and Skipping Music


Plan: Premium

Country: Brasil

Device: Xiaomi Rednote 4X

Operating System: Android 7.0



My Question or Issue:

 I'm having two major problems problems using Spotify in my new phone, first, I can't pass the music unlimitedly, it stops after a certain ammount of time and it only comes back after I close the app and open it again. Second, the search engine is bugging, I search something, then, I click what I wanted, but, another music plays, and its not like a Missclick, no matter if I scroll down, search differently, it plays another song, not the one i'm clicking.

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Hey @IcewindFox.


Thanks for getting in touch.


Could you try a quick reinstallation ? You can read how to do this here. If that doesn't help, please try a different device and let us know if you experience the same issue.


Send over the following if it's still not working:

  1. iOS version
  2. Spotify version
  3. On which devices you experience this issue and on which you don't

We hope the reinstallation will do the trick. Let us know if you have further questions.



Take care,



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