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Android - Shuffle play all playlists in a folder

Android - Shuffle play all playlists in a folder

Where did this feature go?

I was able to go to the top of a folder containing several playlists and klikk "shuffle play all".


Now it's gone, and I want it back!

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Hi 🙂
Spotify's always testing new features and it seems you're part of an A/B test. If you want to find out more about this, make sure to check this link:

If you want to leave feedback, make sure to check in here:

Ok. So I've read the article, and left feedback for you.

Can I get it back now? 😉

You can vote for an idea to bring the feature back here.


I wouldn't get my hopes up, though. Spotify isn't famous for listening to their customers.

Hey @l23x4 that feature has been removed for mobile devices. 


We always want feedback around changes we've made. Please feel free to leave us an idea in our Idea Exchange and other users can vote and leave their feedback too. 



Why OH WHY are you removing features like this? Not only did you totally destroy the desktop client a year back when you removed most of the features like Folders, Ctrl-F search etc, now you have removed features from the mobile client aswell? I really don't understand why you remove stuff that we are using. Time to give Apple Music a go again since you are removing everything unique for Spotify 😞

Does anyone know if GPM or Tidal have this feature? This is the last straw for me.

I am an iPhone user but I just found that my shuffle all is also gone. I hate this update. I had all my playlists organized so specifically just so I could shuffle them all the way I wanted. I need you to change this back

Meredith. I have to let you and Spotify know that if this isn't resolved, I'm definitely going to look at other music services. This is a bummer

I just swapped from Google Music to Spotify, I guess I regret. Google Music have even a nice "shuffle all" widget that can be used on the phone. I also figured that playlists are total cr*p when you want to make real huge ones with a ton of albums. I might check Tidal before eventually going back to Google Music. 

Main thing I want, is "Shuffle all" on the "Albums" library. I never create playlists in that sense, I just want "all my albums" availablke for shuffling.

Whenever you add an album to your library by saving it, all the tracks are also saved in your library. So you can do what you want by ging to the songs view in library and hitting the big green shuffle button @olehenrikj

As your question is not directly related to this thread (which is about shuffling all playlists in folders) it would have been better to post your question in a new thread.

I have several different folders of playlists of different genres. All are saved. I.e. this would not work if I would want to play a particular folder.

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