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[Android] Songs won't play on my mobile device

[Android] Songs won't play on my mobile device

Hi, I know this is an old thread but I too am having this issue. I have a Samsung S22 ultra. It was working great until I had to factory reset my phone to send it in to fix the screen . I have reset my phone, force stopped and reopened the app, un-installed the app and re downloaded it, clear the cache ......I have tried almost everything I can. I also have an issue with it starting a song then just stopping. If I change a the song it will either start and stop again or won't play at all. 

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Hey @Lafonda272728,


Thanks for posting on the Community and welcome 🙂


We hope you don't mind us moving your post, as it fits better in a new thread.


So, for starters, to make things clear, we'd like to confirm that we'll be removing the current “Hey Spotify” voice feature within our app. Users will be able to easily access other voice assistants from our integrated partners on their mobile devices. We’re always working to deliver features that our users love, so sometimes we have to change in order to make way for future innovations.

On another note, we understand you followed some troubleshooting, but even then, the app won't play the songs. Can you try reinstalling the app again? A clean (more thorough) reinstall could make a difference in this case, since you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can give it a try; you just have to follow these steps to do it.

Lastly (and just to confirm), is there an external SD card installed on your device? If the clean reinstall doesn't do the trick, you can remove it and reinstall the app in the internal memory of your device. Make sure to use the app without inserting the SD card again. Let us know how it goes.

We'll keep an eye on your response!

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Someone please fix this. I am experiencing the same issue with my Samsung and I am close to deleting the app. Music just won't play. Some songs will play 10-15 seconds and then stop completely. Now I can't play or hear anything on my app, despite resetting my password and reloading the app. 

Hey there,


Could you check this Ongoing Issue thread and let us know if the issue you're experiencing is the same? If yes, you can check the linked thread for more relevant information and leave your vote there.


Hope this helps,



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I have also been having this issue. I have a Samsung galaxy S21 and the app has been working great until a few months ago. But this issue just started within the last week. My phone will play songs with no issue, and randomly it decides it's done playing music. It will play 9 to 11 seconds of a song and stop. I will skip to the next song and the next and they won't play. But the song after those will play the first 9 -11 seconds and then stop. It will still play podcast episodes. I have tried the clean reinstall, the hard reinstall, the only option is to have it downloaded to my internal memory on the phone. I have tried restarting my phone, my phone is updated to the most recent version of software and the app is also updated. This is not the only issue I've been experiencing with the app. It also will not allow me to download my library to listen offline without getting stuck about halfway and also having a permanent notification telling me it's still trying to download but not working. I have had podcast episodes skip around to different parts of the episode. And the app drains the battery on my phone even with powersaving turned on. I read the other ongoing issues threads about these issues and I have tried just about everything suggested. I would just like to have the music I pay to listen to play for me.

Hey @ThaEmily


Thank you for your reply in this thread and for the troubleshooting you've done so far.


Usually, when something like this happens it tends to be connected with battery optimization of your phone. Can you check the phone's battery settings and make sure that Spotify is set as an exception? Note that if you're using a separate app for optimization it can also interfere with Spotify's performance. 

Another thing we can suggest is to clear your cache with the steps here

In case the issue persists, could you ask a friend or a family member to log in on your phone with their account and test this out to see if they get the same issue?

Let us know how it goes! We'll be here if you have any questions.

Kiril Moderator
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Hi Kiril,


I have looked into my battery optimization settings and see that spotify is using a large portion of my battery life every day. I'm not sure what you mean by "make sure spotify is an exception". I don't have an optimization app, and I have already cleared the cache. 

Hey @ThaEmily,


Thank you for keeping in contact and for the info shard.


The battery optimization feature in some devices got the ability to restrict some of the apps to improve the battery life. When active, it usually limits the performance of the apps by setting them as "low usage".


However, if you don't have a battery optimization feature/app active, it could be related to something else. Would you mind checking if it happens when connected to a different internet network? In case you don't have another network available, you can use a mobile data hotspot to test it.


Also, sometimes playback could be affected by a faulty SD card. In case you have one on your phone, remove it and try again.


Let us know how it goes.

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