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Android - Spotify App can't be moved to SD Card

Android - Spotify App can't be moved to SD Card

Dear Sirs.,


I have got an Android phone and I realized that your Spotify App can't be moved to SD Card (option is greyed out on the Definitions>Aplications>Spotify - after being downloaded from the "Play Store").


In this matter and since this application uses much resources (such as storage in this case) that my phone can't handle easily using the internal storage, I would like to suggest that you put this options in future releases (there are already apps on the "Play Store", that have this option enabled).


Best regards from the user

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The app itself doesn't take up that much space but the cache and downloaded music do. You can relocate these to the SD card from the settings in spotify (towards the very bottom).

Hi joe,

Thank's for the reply.

I saw other posts about your solution (before posting this situation).

Even being a small App, if it could be possible to pass it to the SD card, it would be easier to keep all data together (software and played music), without the need of extra configurations (like I read that other users where having problems).

In any case, it's good to know.

I already use in my mobile phone, a software like yours and I managed to do the way I told you about. For me it's better to manage.

Best regards from the user.

Note: Shazam for example (since it link's to Spotify to play music), it's able to be moved to SD card.

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