[Android] Spotify automatically starts when I connect to Bluetooth

[Android] Spotify automatically starts when I connect to Bluetooth

This wouldn't be such a problem if Spotify was the last program I was running before I connected to my Bluetooth devices, or if I was on a WiFi signal so that my cloud music didn't take up data. However, even when I have closed it out and restarted my phone, Spotify automatically becomes the first thing playing even if I have previously been using a different program. It's especially annoying when I've been listening to an audiobook or podcast, so then I have to slow down and get off to the side of the road in my car to safely switch between the music I wasn't expecting to start hearing and the story I had been listening to just a minute before. This is a more recent issue, it starting ALL THE TIME, so maybe other people have noticed it since the last update?
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This just started happening to me within the past couple days, too. I have the exact same issues with it you described - Spotify is closed, an audiobook was the last used app, etc. Very keen to find a fix.


Yes, I am getting exactly the same issue.

I'm having the issue too. It has to be a bug.


I'm having the exact same issue too. Does anyone know of a solution or workaround??

Same problem here.. Plz fix.


 Same problem here, usually listen to audiobooks and spotify completely taking over my play/pause controls is very annoying, soon uninstall and unsubcribe annoying 😞


I'm having the same issue.  Usually listen to my own music on Jet Audio, and everytime I get back in the car, Spotify starts up.  Even after killing the background process.  I did try just using Spotify but, when the app is open, it won't freekin' autostart!  Ready to uninstall if I can't fix it.


same problem Galaxy 7 - strangely the app isn't even on if I look to close all apps - Although if I hit play on my podcast it does restart my podcast immediately 


Uninstalling until a fix. It's so annoying because even while my car starts XM, spotify is also just playing on my phone. I don't even know it's playing until I saw my phone and hit the bluetooth button in the car... Please fix spotify! Pretty please

Also happened to me. Today is Saturday, the last time I played Spotify was Tuesday. It was definitely not running before I restarted my phone. When the phone came back online and connected to my Bluetooth speaker, it just started playing the last Spotify track I heard, even before I could unlock the phone. That is not cool. Spotify is on Samsung Galaxy 7, version armV7.


I've been searching for answers for the last hour. Couldn't really find anything so I'll post this in a few threads in the hopes the next poor sap like me sees it.
Kind on bad news. You'll need to be rooted. 

Grab and app like MyAndroidTools and disable the "SpotifyMediaBrowserService"

To be clear this isn't completely Spotify's fault. It's android that searches it out and starts it but they should have an option in the app to disable this.


I don't think uninstalling is a solution. But that is what I'll do. It is very annoying, as I use Black Player to listen to music in my android phone, and Spotify even overrides the BT managing app I have, where I specifically select Black Player as the app to launch upon connection. Spotify: Do something.


Well, that didn't work.


I have the same issue and it's horrible. I'm spotify premium user for many years and if Spotify don't solve in next weeks I change to other application, Deezer for example.


I don't  understand that Spotify include a lot of stupid options in the aplication and they don't solver the most basic functions like play music only when I want 😞


Same issue as everyone else. Haven't touched Spotify in nearly 4 years until now. If Spotify has given zero Fs for more than a year, not even 1 support or administration reply..... then peace. Uninstalling this garbage app. 


This is happening to me now too, I can't play mp3's or wav files directly from my phone anymore over bluetooth because spotify just starts up and starts playing instead of it.  Even if I've killed the background app!

I'm also having issues with Spotify running on its own.

I'll close it in the recent apps manager, then I'll go to open my phone after an hour to find Spotify is on my lock screen and the app has been running in the background for the last 30 minutes. It's annoying that it's using 7% of my battery on a day where I didn't even listen to music.

May have something to do with my Gear S3 watch being connected to Spotify via Bluetooth, but also not deliberately opening the app on my watch either.

Spotify need to answer us.


Is "Uninstall Spotify" the offical solution from Spotify.  If so, that's fine, but it would be nice if a Spotify rep posted this.


Agreed. Apparently, they don't care....doesn't matter, Spotify has become irrelevant. We're not asking to turn water into wine here...just get your app to work properly.

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