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Android Spotify not responding

Android Spotify not responding

This problem happened both on my LG Leon and on my currently Samsung J5.


If I use Spotify for a while without turning off the phone, it will stop working. Music won't play, songs won't change and Spotify will not respond. I've tried clearing the data or reinstalling the app and both didn't work. If I turn off the phone, it won't start up again. The only solution is to take off the battery and turn on the phone.


I factory reset my phone before, and for some reason, Spotify started working with no problems.


Two weeks ago I had to factory reset my phone again due to some problems. This made Spotify stop working properly again.


This is really frustrating. What could I do? Am I doing something wrong?


If relevant, my android version is 7.1.1 and I have Spotify premium. 



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