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(Android) Still downloding music ando full memory

(Android) Still downloding music ando full memory

Hello i have a problem
My application is still downloading files and my memory is full. I tried to deactivate the collaborative and public lists making them private, but every time I reconnect ,the downloads in the background continue. I speak of Two thousand files that I did not select and that I can not see in my lists ... I have 19 GB using buenas Spotify...
Someone who knows what to do?
I have a Motorola G4 plus
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Hey Hasaf!

I have 3 options for you:


1. Find the playlist that's downloading and turn "offline" off.

2. Uninstalll and reinstall the app, or 

3. Clear the app cache. To do this:

  • Open the application
  • Click the cog at the top left
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Delete cache and saved Data"

This will log you out and you'll need to log in again. No more files will download 🙂

Remember, if you do want offline files and you're short on space you can often utilise a micro SD card if your phone allows.


Merry Christmas!



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