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Android app and Jaguar LandRover Incontrol

Android app and Jaguar LandRover Incontrol

Spotify finally appeared for InControl on Android phones - yea! However in "your library" only playlists, albums, artists and songs appear - no stations. Tried the usual steps - clear cache, re-install, reboot, etc. Stations are very key to using Spotify - even more so while driving.... 

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As I recall, the software they licence to third party hardware manufacturers does not include the radio function.

Well isn't that boring... guess I can stop wasting time trying to figure out why it's not working...

On second thought - the InControl system is much like Android Auto - the app runs on the phone, not on the car hardware - so since the app is running on the phone and just displaying on the car headend it seems that whatever works on the phone should show up on the car?

And now it's gone... The app is no longer available for incontrol - what gives?

Only worked for one day. Worked really well. Hopefully a sign that it will be available soon

Nooo... I was waiting for so long... It's incredible that there's still no support for Android devices.

Any chance of Spotify coming back for Android users? Even an ETA of EOY would be appreciated.

Its back!

yep - it's back!


Still no stations - but I'll take it at this point 🙂

Yep Just changed cars so had to delete the Jag app for the Land Rover ITS gone??? Change back to JAG its gone.. Used it for a few days mb someone has a upgrade.


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