Android app compared to IOS app


Android app compared to IOS app

I have tried the spotify app on iphone a several times and I think that app
is much better than the app for android (which I use daily). Why can't you
do the apps equal? For example in IOS you can slide the "now playing" bar
to change song or when you queue a song the album picture smoothly moves to
the left in the now playing bar. I think the iPhone app is awesome and I
hope that the android app will be as good as that very soon. Someone noticed or feels the same way?
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Re: Android app compared to IOS app

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I think the issue with making the apps equal is I would suggest they are both developed by different teams in different programming languages meaning certain features might be much much easier to implement on one platform and much more difficult on the other. 



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Re: Android app compared to IOS app

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How about basic features like LANDSCAPE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!