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Android app freezing up

Android app freezing up

I've been having the android app freeze up a lot. It does it on both of my phones and my tablet. They run 5.0 and 6.0, plentey of free memory on them. Does it on wifi and mobile data. I've tried reinstalling the app. And ive tried logging into another account. Thanks,
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Hi. Could you explain what exactly happens when it "freezes up".

It doesn't respond and the app will eventually try and close due to non response but it doesn't. It's also not forcing closed in the app manager it looks like it but when I reopen app it's still frozen. I'm getting an error every time I start the app. Maximum downloads reached and that seems to be causing it. Is there a download que where I can cancel pending download?

The only solution I can come up with right now is pretty drastic and you will lose all your downloads - go to your account page and remove all your offline devices, Then reinstall spotify following the steps in this post.

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