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Android app green loading cicle constantly appears... and other issues

Android app green loading cicle constantly appears... and other issues




 United States


HTC One M9

Operating System

Android 7


My Question or Issue

If I select a song to start play, then go to album view, and then tap the back button, the Android app gets stuck on a green loading circle screen. I have to navigate back to my library and select the artist again to get around it. Beyond that, album art constantly goes blank, playing via bluetooth and chromecast occasionally stops playing randomly, and the app crashes occasionally. Spotify support seems done with trying to help me as they've closed my recent case without resolving anything. I've reset/reinstalled Spotify 20-30 times in the past year (not an exagerration), reset my phone to factory conditions once, changed storage from my fast SD card to internal, and Spotify tech support has even transferred my library & playlists to another Spotify account. Nothing has ever fixed these issues. My podcast app has none of these issues. I enjoy Spotify's interface for the most part, and their library/playlists structure, and PS4 compatibility; but if these issues aren't resolved I guess I'll have to switch to a competing streaming service. Anybody with any ideas on how to resolve?


Edit: Also, if I try to open any of my playlists comprised solely of local files, Spotify app closes.

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Hey @user-removed and welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


These issue seems to be under investigation, thread for the loading circle in albums section, the thread for artwork not showing up and the thread for music randomly stopping.

Please add your vote and details there, and follow it for future updates.


Could you also try using the Remove Offline Devices and Sign Out Everywhere, probably resetting your password, from your Spotify account page to see if that helps?

Thanks 🙂

Thanks for the help, but two of those aren't quite like my issues. I believe my issues are unique.


I've signed out of all devices twice now in the past 2-3 weeks.

Reset my entire phone one more time. Did not fix Spotify. Spotify does not function on my phone.


Found out about APK Mirror and used that to install a previously working version of Spotify until I figure out a better solution.

How is this marked as solved? This is not solved at all.

From time to time I have the same issue. A phone restart usually helps, but it's really annoying.

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