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Android app is horrible after purchasing Premium


Android app is horrible after purchasing Premium

I've used the Spotify app for a long time and everything worked fine, however, since I bought Premium everything has gone to **bleep**. I don't have a homescreen anymore, I am simply greeted with "Sorry, something went wrong. - That didn't work. Please have another go." Fine. I didn't need a homescreen anyway.


But I also can't search many of the smaller artists because when I tap their name it gives me "You're offline." Which I am not. I can play music. Online.


Also I always used to have a Your Daily Mix section, which is now nowhere to be found.


What happened?!


Stuff I tried:

- Restarting the app

- Restarting my phone

- Reinstalling the app

- Logging out and in

- Clearing cache

- Clearing data

- Bang my head against the wall

- All of the above at once


Any suggestions?




Accepted Solutions
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Stopping or whitelisting any adblocker and restoring my /system/etc/hosts file to default solved the problem.

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8 Replies

Help's arrived, @iGrasmat!


Does following these steps help: 🙂


Let me know!

As my topic states, I have tried reinstallig the app. So no, that did not work.


(yes, I also deleted the folder)

Sorry about that, @iGrasmat!


Are you also having these issues with Spotify on desktop? 🙂



No problem. No, the problems do not occur on Spotify Desktop. I have a homepage there, I can view the artists I cannot view on my app and I also have Your Daily Mix on desktop.

Thanks for that, @iGrasmat!


Would you be able to try using another account - even if it's free? If you also have access to another Android device, would you be able to test on there? 🙂


If all else fails, any screenshots of this in action would help!


Let me know how it goes! 

(I replied to this topic before, but for some weird reason my post is now gone, so I will reply again)


I've tested my premium account on my old HTC Legend, on which searching for an artist works. However, the app on the HTC is an older version so I cannot test if the homepage and Your Daily Mix works.


Also, switching to a free account on my OnePlus One did not solve the issues. When I log into my free account everything is exactly the same as with premium until I restart the app. When I restart the app while on my free account I am getting a new layout, in which all problems are solved. However, when I log into my premium account (and restart the app) I am getting the old layout again, in which the issues still exist.


I will add screenshots to my original post.

Any suggestions, @ItsPugle?

Marked as solution

Stopping or whitelisting any adblocker and restoring my /system/etc/hosts file to default solved the problem.

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