Android app opens repeatedly while listening via desktop client

Android app opens repeatedly while listening via desktop client








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I listen to Spotify using the desktop client for Mac on a regular basis, and it frequently and repeatedly opens the app on my Android phone despite the app being inactive. I've seen the thread that suggests turning the phone to offline mode to prevent this (or rooting it which I will not dk) but having to do this manually everytime I want to change my listening device just does not seem reasonable. As far as I can tell there hasn't been a better suggestion in years, unless I missed something buried in the thread. This functionality makes no sense - is there any solution coming?

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You can try to disable Spotify Connect. Here's how:

  1. You can disable the Spotify Connect functionality by manually putting the Spotify app in 'Offline' mode from within the Spotify Settings screen when not in use.
  2. You can permanently disable the connect service if you are rooted by installing the app Disable Service from the Play Store. Open the app and scroll to Spotify then tap it to see all services the app uses. Uncheck the box next to 'AppLinkService' then back out of the app. Now the Spotify connect service will not run on your phone and notify you when you are playing tracks on another device. Note: Don't forget to accept SU permissions when prompted
  3. There is an idea to allow the service to be turned on/off at will from within the app. Please add kudos to this idea if you would like to see it implemented.
  4. If you are running CyanogenMod (Custom ROM) then go to Settings -> Privacy -> Privacyguard -> Press and hold on Spotify -> There is a 'Wake up' - disallow this!

Let us know how that goes.


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Hello - I have seen the suggestion to disable spotify connect by putting my
phone in Offline mode, but I don't believe this is an acceptable solution.
I shouldn't have to change that setting everytime I am using the desktop
client, when I regularly then switch to using the mobile app while on the

It seems the idea to allow Spotify Connect to be turned off/on within the
app at will has been around for a long time - I will add kudos to it but
would love to see actual change being made on these issues. I've been a
paying user of Spotify for years and although there have been a lot of
great improvements to the service, it seems to take unreasonably long to
correct actual problems that users report.

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