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Android equalizer

Android equalizer

Hi guys

I cant find equalizer on my huawei p8, there is no option like this in settings.

Can you help me?

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Hey! Annoyingly some Android device manufacturers don't include for an equalizer in their settings. If your phone doesn't have an inbuilt one, Spotify can't display it. You can download 3rd party ones, but in my experience they aren't the best. Have a go, and see if they help.


Cheers, Jon 🙂

Hello @Pathowl,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

You should be able to find equalizer right under the Music Quality once you install one of the android EQs. Personally, I use AudioFX, but Equalizer should do the work as well or any other EQ in the Play store. 🙂



My phone haze a equalizer setting. But my Spotify settings isn't showing the option.

My phone came with a equalizer form the factory, but Spotify isn't showing its equalize option in its settings.

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