Android spotify app no longer works


Android spotify app no longer works

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Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus

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Win 10


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 I've been using Spotify on my Android for months with little issue.  All of a sudden my playlists no longer play.  If a song does start playing, it usually stops in the middle and that's it. If I choose to play the next song, nothing happens, or it takes a minute or so for the song to begin.  But it rarely makes it through the song. When I start Spotify, it takes a minute or so for it to load and display the menus and my playlists. Switching between playlists takes minutes. It used to do all this instantaneously. I have downloaded my songs to the phone and was using offline playing but it doesn't seem to make any difference whether I'm online or offline. Songs don't play and if they do, it's not long before the app stops.  So right now the app is basically worthless and I don't know why I pay money for this service. I've followed the steps in help, reinstalled the app, re-downloaded the songs which took forever, and still nothing has changed. At night I use my iPod to play Spotify.  It works like a charm 99.9% of the time and rarely fails me. The Android app used to work well, too, but something changed a couple of weeks ago. One should be able to download the app, install it, and run it. It should work reliably. This app needs a lot of work.  Is there anything I can do to resolve this or does the app really just not work?