Android spotify connect not working for DENON Heos

Android spotify connect not working for DENON Heos


I have Spotify Android vs armV7 (release date 21-7-2016). I can no longer connect to my Denon Heos 7 and Heos 1. I have tried to switch off and on both devices, restarted my Android phone and switched off and on my wifi router. Problem persisted. I have the feeling the problem is related to the Androd update. I can see the Heos device in the list of available devices. However, when trying to connect, it only shows "verbinden..." (connecting...). After a few seconds it shows again "apparaten beschikbaar" (devices available.

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I've got similar problem with my devices. Spotify on my phone with Android (Sony Xperia Z5) doesn't see Denon AVR-X1000. Althouh application Music connects to Denon and everything is ok. So it's not problem with phone or denon, but Spotify. I uninstalled Spotify and installed it again, but it didn't help. I can add that Spotify can see my computer. And my husbands iphone works with the same wifi and denon just perfect. So... I have no idea what's wrong.

And I bought premium just for that very comforable feature... 😞 Help

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