Android to USB to Car Radio?

Android to USB to Car Radio?


I recently tried to play my Spotify music from my android, and through a USB cabel, and into my car radio. But havn't been a success. The radio will only play the music that are stored on the SD device. I've also tried to opening Spotify while connected to the radio, but the program only crashes. Anyone knows how to fix this?


The reason I want to use the USB cabel is because it's better sound quality from USB than AUX, and my phone is charging while playing music 🙂

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Spotify crashing while you're connected to USB Audio seems like yet another bug in an app with quite many bugs. A developer should look at this.


When you said "The radio will only play the music that are stored on the SD device", did you mean that the files show up on the car radio itself. Or are you opening an app on your phone to play the files?


In case of Spotify, you need to use the Spotify app to play the music.


My phone is only playing the local files (songs). This happens automatic from when i connect my phone to the usb hub on the radio. I cant steer the music from my phone, its only possible to steer it from the radio. What i ment with "SD device" is the music stored on my phone. 
Spotify crashes in any attempt to opening it, while connected to the radio.


No one had this issue before? really need help with this.

Playing via usb won't work as only the spotify app is able to play the music the spotify has downloaded due to drm constraints
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Strange tho. Because it works on my Ipod, but not on my Android. Must be the Android system it's something wrong with then?


It is 2016 and I still get the same problem; when usb connected, the car radio plays through the music files in the phone (not related to spotify) by itself, without anything to do from the phone. If you open spotify at the same time, it plays the songs through phone speakers. What we need/want is spotify to direct audio to usb, like an iPod. But I am guessing it is not possible; somewhere I read that spotify android cannot play through USB due to DRM conditions and stuff. 


İt is 2022 I ve same problem ? İt is wierd that How spotfy can not suggest any solution?


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