Annoying Spotify widget on s5 solution

Annoying Spotify widget on s5 solution


Hello, I have had a problem with the Spotify widget on the s5's lockscreen since I got it. I am in the lawn business and like to keep my phone in my jeans pocket, which after sweating from work (Texas heat), would cause the widgets pause, skip, or exit buttons to be pressed. This had gotten quite annoying, I tried different cases and none of them helped, and I couldn't find a solution to get rid of the widget on google. Finally today, as I was changing the tone on my text messages, I found a way. Here it is:


Getting Spotify widget off of s5 lockscreen:


Go to "Settings".
Then go to "Sounds and notifications".
Then go to "Application notifications".
Find Spotify on list that comes up.
Tap Spotify on the list.
Then toggle "Block" or "Hide sensitive content" on.


Only way I've figured out how to turn it off. I've only done it on S5, I do not have another phone to test it on, hope it works for you too.

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