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Annoying cracking noise - nothing works

Annoying cracking noise - nothing works

Hello everybody,


My spotify music have a cracking sound when i play it from Android. I've looked the previous posts but nothing seems to work. The cracking sound appears on every escenario, conected to internet, to wifi, on saved songs, by bluetooth, aux connected, even on the speakers of the phone. When i play from my computer or another device it works just fine. And also i know that is spotify because when i play songs from youtube, for example, it does not crack


Here is what i've tried so far:

- Erasing the chaché.

- Eraising all spotify data

- Erasing Caché from outside of spotify.

- Clearing offline devices

- Reinstalling spotify (three times)


In one of the previous post about this it says that the new version have solved the problem, however when i have downloaded the app again it has worked out - my spotify version is


Thank you.

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i have the same problem.. im from argentina and could not found any post or support from any web... 

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