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Any way to LOWER lowest volume? Ears ringing

Any way to LOWER lowest volume? Ears ringing

I have a bit of tinnitus which gets worse after listening to headphones. I have canal phones that block out a fair amount of background noise so I don't have to crank the volume, and even the lowest volume setting is too high using Spotify so I can't use the app very often.

The Neutron app that I use for the downloaded music on my phone has a gain setting that you can use to adjust the volume level, which is great.

Is there any way to do something like that when using Spotify? Maybe a separate app that adjusts gain setting for the whole phone? It would be nice if Spotify had its own volume level. The "sliders" on the eq are not adjustable, they just indicate what the presets are.
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Hi there,


The Spotify app is just the source of the media - it fetches from the server and then just pushes to the Android system which will determine how the fetched music is played . Volume levels and EQ adjustments are determined by the phone settings or via separate apps.


You may find a more detailed EQ app such as Music Volume EQ are able to provide the customisation you require.

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That EQ app is perfect. Can set volume lower using the eq sliders. Another battery suck I'm sure but worth it. Thanks!

(Tried giving kodo but doesn't seem to be working.)

It turms our Music Volume EQ isn't ideal since it affects the whole phone, and I've slept through an alarm when the EQ was on (and set low). Also affects earpiece, speaker, alerts etc.

Are there any volume or EQ apps that can work on Spotify or media only and not affect the whole phone??

Would be great if Spotify had its own volume adjuster.

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