App Requires Data Clear if Logged Out While Offline


App Requires Data Clear if Logged Out While Offline

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Steps to Reproduce:

1. Login successfully.

2. Enable Offline mode.

3. Close app and reboot device.

4. The app must now be in a logged-out state. I'm not entirely sure how to accomplish this - I experience this issue on every reboot because of the Android issue listed here:

5. Open app.

6. Login with valid credentials.

7. App gives the dialog about being Offline and needing to Connect.

8. Tap "Connect".


Expected Result:

App logs in, connects, and is functional.


Actual Result:

The app is frozen on a dark blank screen.


If I clear the app's data and log in again, everything is back to normal, but this is annoying because there's no way to clear the "Offline" flag without also clearing all downloaded music, so I've been having to redownload all Spotify music on every device reboot.


This is a strange situation because being both Logged Out and in Offline mode should never happen, but due to the Android bug mentioned above, it does. Is there something the developers here can do to fix the app in this situation without having to re-login and re-download everything?

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welcome to the Spotify Community! I'm happy to assist you!


I would suggest you to contact Spotify Support, because it aeems to be a technical bug and we are just a community of other customers. Do you know how to do so? Do you need a link?

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