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App becomes unusable shortly after start

App becomes unusable shortly after start

Hallo Spotify community,


I am experiencing an issue I have you can help me resolve.


My problem

I am using the Spotify app on both an Android phone and a tablet. To understand my problem, I will describe how I typically use it after I have started the app:

  1. Start the app
  2. Search for an artist
  3. Click on a result and enter the artist's page
  4. Click on an album and enter the album page
  5. Play a song in the album

In roughly nine times out of ten, instead of opening the album page, I receive a loading indicator followed by the message (I am using the German version) "Hoppla, da ist wohl etwas schief gelaufen". That basically means I have to kill the app and restart to hope it is the one time out of ten where the app does not cease to work at step 3.

That bug does not only happen while using the search function but on every other action like opening my profile or opening my local files. I can do about one actionafter I start the app before it becomes unusable, and that's it for most of the time!


If I was able to successfully start playing a song, the app keeps playing until the playlist is empty. However, it does react to pause or skip only with a delay of roughly 20 seconds up to a minute. The same delay occurs after closing the app window until it is really terminated and the playback stops.


This problem occurs on both my Android devices. It does not occur on my Windows PC.


What I already tried

  • Clean install as described here
  • Downgrade from 6.3.882 to 6.10.1088, 6.0.864, 5.9.774. Each time preceeded by a clean uninstall.
  • Removed the device from "My offline devices" in the account setting
  • Disabled the energy optimization for Spotify
  • Searching for help here. All issues that sounded similar were either resolved by a clean re-install or were not solved at all.

None of the above could solve the problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

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