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App closes randomly

App closes randomly

Since 2 or 3 weeks ago the app on my phone suddenly closes several times during the day. I read that I should clear the cache and reinstall the app. Done that but keeps closing, any suggestions?

Using the app on an LG G3.

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Does it close while you are listening to music or when it is paused in the background? It could be android's power management or a third party battery saver or memory manager. Check out the relevant parts of this post.

It closes while it being active on screen, while I'm using another app and
it goes background and when the screen goes off when not using it... So,
pretty much always.

Hey! I'm 2 years late on this thread (ha) but I've had the same problem recently with my OPPO R11s. I tried re-installing, clearing cache and all the other solutions posted before but none worked -- until I turned off power saving mode on my phone. My user experience was seamless after that. Hope that helps!

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