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App crashes upon launch; typical troubleshooting methods not helping

App crashes upon launch; typical troubleshooting methods not helping






moto x4

Operating System

Android 9


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When I try to launch Spotify app I get the gray screen with the big Spotify logo in the middle for a second or two, then just gray screen for another second or two, then crash to phone desktop, sometimes with "this app keeps crashing" message, sometimes without. I have tried all the typical troubleshooting methods (specifically the ones found here ) There does seem to be some useful information in the system logs that I can share here if anyone cares to see it. Googling some of the messages I found in the logs didn't turn up anything helpful. I do not have any external storage on my phone (no SD card). Nearly 4 GB free storage space available. This problem started for me back in May or June and I haven't been able to use the app since. Same behavior on home wifi, office wifi, and when using cellular network.


Just a little info from the system logs, can share more if helpful:


Exception class name:$RecoverableAssertionError
Source file: SourceFile
Source class: gjd
Source method: a
Line number: 48
From stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get provider$RecoverableAssertionError: Could not create cache at at etc..........

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