App does not apply custom playlist sorting

App does not apply custom playlist sorting








(iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G)

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(iOS 14.8, Android 11)


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the Android App does not seem to apply the custom playlistsorting I have made on my desktop client.
I am working with subfolders, and only the first layer is sorted correctly.
The others are just sorted alphabetically.

On iOS this works as it shoud.
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Good question!

The way it works for now is that on the desktop we can sort out folder playlists in any order we want but in the mobile apps they are sorted by last played (as far as I know). So, for example, if you play from any playlist inside a folder it will come on top because of the order (recently played). Custom sorting types are not available yet inside folders on mobile apps.

Feel free to go in ideas and suggest a new one. If it already exists then you can vote for it.


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This is not completey true.

I have downgraded my android app to version and the custom sorting works perfectly fine again.

I say again, because this used to work in previous versions but the "redesign" of the app removed this feature...

Also the seems to be more stable, faster, has a better UI, offline downloads from my own network dont have problems and the online search works way better...

Maybe design is not everything.

Functionality is a good thing too...

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