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App is super slow, sometimes takes 2 minutes to load, and music may cut out every 5 seconds. (S5)

App is super slow, sometimes takes 2 minutes to load, and music may cut out every 5 seconds. (S5)

Hi there,

I am a spotify premium user. I currently have 1800 offline song saved on my samsung S5 SD card (class 10, 64GB), and am experiencing a few problems that are getting very annoying.


Occasionally when I open the spotify app it shows a black screen for 2 or so minutes. This problem is fixed 50% of the time by turning off all of my internet connection options.


Another issue I am having is, sometimes when I play a song it stops playing for about 2 seconds every 5 seconds. This has made my spotify experience bad.


I hope these issues can be resolved.

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I hate to say this and it'll be really annoying because it'll mean having to redownload all your songs but I think the best thing would be a clean install:


NOTE: You will lose all preferences & offline playlists in doing this!

Uninstall the app from Settings - Apps then scroll to the Spotify app and tap on it, then press 'Uninstall' (or any other way you usually uninstall apps).

Once done using a file manager (such as ES File Explorer) make sure that the below folders are deleted (the second one may be still remaining from the older version of Spotify):


Note: - Make sure to check both Emulated/0/ AND the /ext_sd/ locations for these folders as they could be on Internal memory or/and external SD card.

When all folders are removed go to the play store and install the Spotify Music app again (Direct Link).

Official guides for a clean reinstallation here
If using an external sd card to store your cache (Offline Playlists) on Android 4.4.2+ then please read instructions in the thread here: [Android 4.4.2+]Cache on external SD card is possible

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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