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App just keeps loading and loading

App just keeps loading and loading

Spotify has been acting really weird lately.  Whenever I open it, it's like it's blank. It will just show a blank page for the now playing (when I open it through the widget on my home screen), and then when I hit back, it shows the top bar, but just a blank page.  I have to go into the menu and go to "your music". And when I do go to my music, it has the four options (playlists, songs, albums, artists) and then under recently played it just loads and loads and loads.  If I go into one of them (artists for example), and then try to back out, it does the blank page screen again and I have to re go through everything to get back.  I've noticed it doesn't do it as much when I'm connected to wifi, but I am offline the majority of the time I use the app.  Has anyone else had this problem before? Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Thanks!

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