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App keeps crashing on Nexus 6P device.

App keeps crashing on Nexus 6P device.

Spotify keeps crashing on my device. It first stops letting me skip to the next song, finishes the song that is currently playing then stalls out and doesn't allow me to do anything further. I keep having to reset the app, but the problem keeps happening after i do this. Any suggestions or similar problems?
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Same here. I think it started after the last app update. Would like to know if there is any solution.

Same here. I also think it's due to its latest update. And, in addition to the problems mentioned by OP, the phone gets slow making the other apps lag. This is really **bleep**ty. Spotify needs to do something about this ASAP. They wouldn't want to anger the premium account holders.

Same here. First the Song stopps and then my Phone reboots automaticly.. really annoying

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