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App keeps logging out


App keeps logging out

This is sooooo frustrating - Is there any way this app can be set to stay logged in?


Spotify's own recommendation to resolve an issue where the app keeps logging out is.......


To reinstall!!!!!


What use is that to people who have lots of music synched with their device? Do they expect us to reinstall every couple of weeks and spend 2 hours rescyncing large libraries?


They need to try and resolve this or I for one may look at other services:(


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My problem got solved IN A SECOND!! 

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Yeah I have the same problem. Especially when starring new tracks. Usually if you play around with it, it'll get a bit more stable. Still, a huge annoyance.

This seems to be one of many known bugs that Spotify don't care about. THey really have nothing but contempt for Android users and clearly are taking the mickey out of us.


They don't update the app with basic functionality that the put into the other OS apps, they barely respond or interact with the community here (or previously on get satisfaction) and as far as I can see rarely even respond to direct emails.


Frankly their customer service is abysmal. I wouldn't hold your breath on either a proper response or a solution. You want Spotify Mobile to work I think they basically say get IOS.


Well, Time to quit spotify premium..

Its because the **bleep**ED up "Discover your friends" comercial you get..


Godbye spotify, may you burn in hell


Its so fun when you auto log off when you dont push the "ok, thanks" button on the comercial..


<--- Me raging over waste of money.

Trouble is, and I have mentioned this on other threads is that for me Spotify is a *great* product. I love it. I just hate the tech and more importantly the CS. 


I really don't understand why the development on the Android app has had such a snails pace, and more to the point why Spotify don't come here and explain it. It is a disgrace.

It happens on my iPhone 4, too 😞

Well, i downgraded to the good old 0.4..xx version and i can play music seamlessly again, finaly. But that couldn't be the solution.I'm disapointed about the fact that it looks somehow the Spotify crew doesn't take the Android problems seriously (judging by the lack of response on some major topics!).


I do like Spotify a lot, but this ignorance could be there downfall in time, at least for me!


I really hope that the Spotify crew take some action before it's to late!

This has just started happening on my Ipod touch. Spotify definitely needs to get to the root of this problem and fix it if they want me to continue paying Premium. 😕

Also confirmed on iPhone 5 😞

On my Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2, Spotify was also asking me to log in everytime it restarted.

I fixed it doing the following (Spotify refers to the Android application):


  1. Log in to Spotify application using my email (I don't have a Facebook-connected account)
  2. Put Spotify in Offline Mode
  3. Force Quit Spotify
  4. Restart Spotify and witness how it automatically logs in
  5. Disable Offline Mode

After doing this I was able to preserve the login after both Force Quitting the app and Restarting the whole device.

I guess enabling the Offline Mode sets some persistent login token that gets neglected otherwise.

It's not just you android folks, I'm on iPhone and have the same problem

I keep hitting the app (Iphone) and it only comes on for about 2 seconds and crashes..won't stay up

Same here - I'm an Android Spotify Sufferer and last year I decided to go for the full Spotify Premium so I could take my playlists along with me on holiday offline. I will say it was an absolute nightmare performing the ongoing process of installing, reinstalling, resynching etc. Once 'most' tracks were synced I set my phone to Offline Mode and all seemed to stay ok. I'm now due to go abroad again in a week and I've found that in addition to those old problems, Spotify logs itself out almost every day and then renders most of my playlists Offline once I log back in!!!? Please sort this out because I'm paying £9.99 for a service which frankly is unusable...

I recently transfered my Spotify app to external SD card and I was logged out minutes thereafter and playlist gone.

Where is customer service, is there anyone out there...

How did you manage to move the app to external SD? It is not designed to be run from external storage which is why there is no option to relocate it in android settings/applications. I suggest you try reinstalling Spotify which should get things working again.

@rivera651 wrote:
I recently transfered my Spotify app to external SD card and I was logged out minutes thereafter and playlist gone.


So I need to keep the app on internal memory, the reason why I transfered
over to external SD card was to enhance the memory capacity.

I am having the exact same issue. I purposely moved the app to external storage so it wasn't hogging my phone's internal storage. Is there any way to resolve this? If not, I will be looking at other services also.

If you've moved the app to an SD card move it back to device storage. If you haven't just try reinstalling Spotify. Hope it works! 🙂
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My problem got solved IN A SECOND!! 

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