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App often locks up and becomes unresponsive.

App often locks up and becomes unresponsive.

I have an LG G5, to start.
Often when Im using Spotify, music will stop playing. It'll be 10-20 minutes before the music resumes.
Songs will often also be loading, so I cant click on anything. When it does this, it becomes completely unresponsive and I have to wait 5 minutes at times.
When I had my Galaxy S5, this problem was very rare. When it did happen, it'd take only 30 seconds or so to become useable again.
Im thinking maybe its my phone. I remember when Spotify had issues before, there was a noticeable drop in stars. And I figure if a lot of people were having this issue, the reviews would be down the drain.
But Im also using Deezer (similar service) and its responsive, with no issues.
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Are you using an external SD card, configured as internal rather than portable storage?

Yes I am. A kingston SD card.

I took out the SD card, then installed spotify again. And put the card back in. Only thing Ive tried related to it

And is it configured as internal rather than portable storage? If so, try reformatting it as portable storage.

Its configured as portable. 😕

Try a clean reinstall following the steps in this post, including deleting the listed folders and rebooting your phone. Let me know if that works for you.

Sorry for late response. But, Ive been using it a few days and it seemed more responsive and locked up less for a few days. Then tracks would stop playing, which it didnt do before..and a few of the other issues I had before
So I went back and rechecked all the steps, and saw cleaning apps give spotify issues. So I deleted them, they didnt do much for me anyways. Going to give it a few more days to see if deleting the app helps.

Thanks for the update. Yeah, cache cleaners and battery saving apps are pretty pointless on modern phones and can cause all sorts of issues.

Even after deleting the cleaners, Im still coming across issues. Doing another clean install.

I did another clean install, following same steps. Was still doing it.

So I decided to use my phones internal storage. Apps been running smooth, no loading or anything. Very slight lag when scrolling between playlists, but I have like 20 playlists.

Either its my SD card, or my phone has issues with SD cards..

Ive gotten no notification about the card being corrupted and I just got it a month ago.

Yep. SD Cards are temperamental. Hence why Apple & Google don't use them in their own promoted devices.

If yours is only a month old you should be OK to claim back on warranty.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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