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App says I'm offline, but I'm not!

App says I'm offline, but I'm not!

Hello, I've seen a couple of topics about this marked as fix, but they are not, so, here's a new one. I bought a ZenFone 2 and after log in (regular account since i'm not using facebook) the app keeps telling me that I'm offline even if I'm connected via wi-fi. My other apps works perfectly. What should I do? It's a new cellphone. Already tried to reboot. I've tried to reset my modem and router a couple of times either. Fun fac: it's working just fine on an old windows phone device (lumia 520) and on my windows 8 laptop.


I'm using Android Lollipop 5.0.


Please, help!

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Hi. Could you go to setting and see if the Offline mode is set on? Maybe it's that. Otherwise could you check that your phone does not have a proxy already set?

Ok i will try that now my husband aint around i love chatting and community chat its my life

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