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App taking up an enormous amount of space on my internal storage..

App taking up an enormous amount of space on my internal storage..

Hello Spotify, 

At this current moment, spotify is taking up 3.5GB of my internal storage with not a single song downloaded for offline (im listening so i do not want to reinstall right now). Using my phone's storage setting, i am able to "clear cache" however upon doing so I gain at most a couple hundred megabytes. Then I am forced to uninstall and delete the app so I can reinstall it. In less than a month, the storage use is back up above 1.5 GB and I have to repeat the process. 

I have been searching this issue and all that Ive come up with is an equivalent answer to "did you try turning it off and turning it back on?"

I have been using and paying for premium for spotify for years(i recently made a new account because i was unable to unlink my facebook profile, another annoying problem), probably as long as y'all have been around and Id hoped for better solutions in this category as it seems many people have the same issue. 

It would be greatly appreciated if yall could figure out a solution to this problem since we pay, monthly, for this. Thank you!

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I'm sorry the only solution at the moment is to clear the cache and do a full reinstall of the map. If you need help with this this article might help. which you might have already seen. Sorry about this, hope this helps.

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