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App uses a LOT of space on internal storage

App uses a LOT of space on internal storage

and it's ridiculous! come on, i sign the service and save my tracks offline, but not only the offline songs are saved, ALL that i hear is saved, and create a monstruous cache. And then, if i delete the cache, all my offline songs gone too, the app have a lot of years and devs don't fix this problem, don't fix on iOS, don't fix on Android... Unforgivable. I deleted the cache last night and today the same, i'm done with this


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Equally frustrated!  I use this app for streaming only.  No downloads and no offline music.  Getting really over it... especially when my phone won't take a photo because there's not enough storage.  Sort it out please!

Still the same problem to me since 2k15, sadly. Today i'm not a premium user anymore, recommend u all do the same. 

Same here.


I just tested something. What causes the issue is that every time you play a new song it adds ~3mb to your storage. Every time you play a song a second time it adds ~1mb to your storage. The issue is that for some reason the app stores all the song data on your phone without it actually being downloaded at all. It's almost like the app is downloading a condensed version of the song so it takes less time/data to load each time you want to play it. The latter part is my theory behind it, but the first part I tested myself.

Go to: 

Device storage>Android>data>>files>spotifycache>storage

Delete all the folders except the index one, doing this doesn't reset your settings.

I guess there is a way to delete those files with one click, some apps can do that.

I hope this helped.


Thanks, I did that and Spotify app shows no more memory used but my Samsung
Tab still sees the internal memory as full so had no choice than to do a
factory reset, not dramatic since with a Google account you retrieve
everything quite easily...

Hi! How do I get there on samsung s7? 

I am having the same data problem and I'm thinking about dropping spotify if this is not fixed.

I'm having this problem also! I can't transfer Spotify as an app from internal to external storage for Android!


It's pretty poor form Spotify, I'm a premium user also and this should be changed ASAP! 


You're not listening to your customers! Aren't we the people that you should be listening to?!

I agree. It's a serious issue and needs to be fixed.

The desktop app had, a long time ago, a setting where you could set the max amount of space to use for cache. It disappeared one day.

It would be even more useful on phone.

Spotify, can you please at least tell us if you've seen this ?

Okay so, just like with my previous post, I ran another test. The easiest way (for android users at least) to fix the issue is to simply go to storage>internal>applications>spotify then click clear data. It will sign you out and delete all unnecessary data but when you log back in you'll still have all your playlists and whatnot. I do this once every couple weeks to take down the storage issue, at least until a perma-fix is applied. Hope this helps. Sorry iPhone users, still no solution for you.

*I attached images for those who may not know how to get there. I can't fit them all in one post so be sure to scroll down to the following post if you're stuck*


The rest of the screenshots.


Thereticaly I have configured that offline data are stored on SD card, but when I play some song which is not in offline mode then cache is stored also on SD card but it also consume "virtually" data in internal storage but are stored on SD card

This really is a serious problem, I don't download any offline music, just streaming on the go, my app on my phone clocked up nearly 6gb!! It used up all my available space left on my internal storage, deleting the app didn't free up the space, in the end I had to factory reset my entire phone, surely we should have a setting to cap how much the app caches or whatever it's doing? 


What's going on Spotify? I'm also a premium user.

spotify has gone to the dogs. has always been a dimwitted interface that has no customization either in the gui/metadata tabs, or the audio settings.  Cant even select what device to output to..  this has been nothing more than an incovenience lately.  but now it's taking up valueable space for something that is touted as a streaming service.  LOL.

Given the lack of activity here by the devs except for the condescending do a search auto response or "we're looking into it" , I'm guessing they dont give a fk either because its now been YEARS on multiple platforms, my windows pc is sitting at 10 gigs and was upwards of 15 until i force myself to cut OFFLINE playlists....  Bluetooth does not update song information and it's only an issue with spotify, again on multiple platforms. 

240 dollars +  for this bull**bleep** service, personally so it's time to **bleep** off.  already migrated my playlists via soundiiz.  I'll do well to keep anyone else i know from giving you more money as well.

It seems like I've found a solution, for Android at least. 


On my Xperia XZ I have Spotify's "storage" setting at SD-card. I will try showing with screenshots!


I use "File Commander" to find the folder where the files are saved (on my SDcard). I simply delete the folder called "Storage" inside the folder "Spotifycache". When its all deleted, its all good!


.. Will post the rest of the screenshots in new post! 



More screenshot will follow... 




I do this on a regular basis, like once a month. Doing this, deleting the folder, does not mess up with the app itself.

Hope this works dor you too. 


But this also remove "offline" music. Not only "cache". Because in this folder cache and offline is mixed together.


This is strange, because before I had configured spotify music storage to SD card, but cache consumes also local storage.

But I have remove all data from Spotify application, then after have reinstalled my Spotify app, and now cache and offline music are stored only on SD card, and local phone store is not used for spotify cache.

I had the same issue on iOS - I reinstalled the app, but then the app slowly consumes more and more of my device's storage until it has devoured all of it.  Then I have to reinstall the app, and the process continues.


See my other post here:

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