Appcrash by switching songs forward or back


Appcrash by switching songs forward or back

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i'm running a SG3 (GT-I9305) on Android 4.1.2.


Since the last two updates i'm running on serious problems which destroys my music expirience running spotify 


Almost every switching a song causes that spotify may crash. Even the normal change of the music at the end can reproduce this. Even in offline or online mode. 


Well the phone  freeze for 2 seconds and then i receive a message that spotify have been closed.


I can reproduce this issue by just moving one music forward and than instantly move back in the playlist.


I just hear my starred songs and 2-3 downloaded playlist with maybe around 150 songs total 


I have already cleared all files on the device over the app -> uninstalled -> device restart -> install app -> download files, but it still crashed this way.


This issues appeared since the spotify bar is displaying at the homescreen. Does it maybe have known bugs with another apps like Facebook Home? 


Please help this is happning now for 2 months and i'm really thinking to stop my Spotify Premium because of this. 




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Re: Appcrash by switching songs forward or back

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Do you still have problems if you uninstall facebook home?