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Are spotify apps (on the sidebar) available for mobile phones?

Are spotify apps (on the sidebar) available for mobile phones?

Helloooooo everyone,


Newly-upgraded Spotify Premium subscriber here! I just signed up for spotify premium last week and am loving it. So many songs and artists at my fingertips, and no ads too! I wasn't a huge spotify user before (more of an iTunes guy) but I just got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and I decided to move to spotify.


On my desktop, I downloaded the app. This is amazing for me, spotify premium with recommendations right on screen for me. So easy and convenient to discover new music.


My question is, is there a way to transfer that app to my mobile phone? Meaning, on my spotify application, when I open up the menu, to have a connection in there? I know I can scrobble directly to but I don't want to download a separate app. I was wondering if I could duplicate what I have on my desktop computer to my mobile phone.


Thank you!!!!


P.S., if the answer is no to this question, what's a way on spotify mobile (when I'm walking to class, waiting for the bus, etc.) to discover new music and artists?

2 Replies

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Currently, Spotify on mobile devices do not support apps. 

The app on the desktop has the option to create a recommendation playlist, which I listen to on my mobile whilst I am on the move! 


There are new discovery features, coming on desktop and mobile applications soon. So fingers crossed new features will be coming soon 🙂 



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Ok, that recommendation playlist thing sounds great!! Thank you!


And I am keeping my fingers crossed too!

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