Auto add songs to playlist instead of playing right away

Auto add songs to playlist instead of playing right away

As the title suggest I'm looking for a way (or 3rd party app) that enables me to use spotify as a jukebox so that if people search and click on a song in will not play but go to the end of a play queue. I know I can ask them to send the song to a certain playlist but inevitably all night my drunk friends keep forgetting and just pressing the song, meaning it starts playing right away interupting the current song and the playlist.
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Something like this:

Other options:

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Hi Daniel,


Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately no that's not what I'm looking for. I downloaded Jukestar but it seems to work by other people requesting songs, which is not what I am after. As the host I cannot see how I actually add songs myself? I have an ipad mounted to the wall, and I just want people to go over and click a song and it adds it to play next, but not having to click the 3 dots and select play next. I guess the simple way to explain it is that I want a mode where spotify only lets you add songs to play next, and not just click a song and play it right away.

Thanks anyway


Would dearly love this too, I like to spend a while adding songs while I'm working from home and leave it to play... and then I go to add a song and miss the 3 dot bit on my tablet and it starts playing 

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