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Auto start on bluetooth

Auto start on bluetooth

I know this a feature, but now Tune-In has added this feature and neither of you allow the user to turn it off.  So now both apps fight each other and nothing gets played.  Really how hard can it be to allow us to turn this feature off?   And don't give me that "100 likes" bs. 


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As added bonus to this messed up feature, is Car Play is activated when I connect to a non-automotive bluetooth speaker/receiver.  Really shows how much this feature is messed up.  Please let us have the freedom to turn this feature on or off as we please.

Hey @Fred56.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Could you provide us with a bit more info about the Bluetooth issue, namely:

  • Did this start to happen after an update to Spotify or Android, or has it always been an issue for you?
  • Does this happen only when connecting to Bluetooth in your car, or does it happen when connecting to any device via Bluetooth?

As for the issue you mentioned regarding Car View, this is something we're aware of and which we're currently looking into. Make sure to head over to this thread - we'll post updates in the thread as soon as we have them.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

The issue with Spotify starting when connecting to bluetooth has been happening for as long as I've had Spotify on my phone. This post came up because Last FM has added this feature and the result is both apps start and they both fight for control and the result is nothing is played. Lately the issue is that it's now rather inconsistent as to which bluetooth device triggers Spotify. Mostly it's the car, but sometimes it's the Braven 805 speaker. It never happens on the Vizio soundbar or the Belkin BT X82 reciever. I have Car View turned on and it works no matter if it's in the car or not. The bottom line is I want the option to permanently keep Spotify from turning on with bluetooth. I'm currently using an app "Bluetooth Connect Stop Play" to do this, but it's not always successful.

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