Auto-switch to offline mode - wifi only or mobile connection also?

Auto-switch to offline mode - wifi only or mobile connection also?

Using Spotify Premium on a Samsung Galaxy.  I have playlists downloaded to my phone.


If I play those playlists when I'm not connected to wifi, does it automatically play them in offline mode?  Or does it start using my phone's dataplan unless I manually set playback to offline?


The Help on this just says it automatically switches when you lose internet connection but that's not very clear.



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Hello @jw13 & welcome to the Community!

When you play a song downloaded to your device without an internet connection you'll play the downloaded file and not use your data.

Even the system is pretty effective, I would bank on it.

The Offline mode switch isn't that far away. 🙂


Hope this helps! ♫

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The 'Offline Mode' switch is quite far away when you use it on a daily basis.  It's annoying having to manually go to Settings and switch to Offline Mode everytime I leave my home or work.  There really should be a setting that automatically flips the switch 'on' when on Data mode and off when on Wifi.  All the other music streaming providers that offer offline playback provide this... and this feature has been requested about 5 years ago with really high feedback votes on it!  What is going on at Spotify that this is not happening yet?  It's such a basic yet necesary feature.

I agree. I really miss this. It is really anoying as it can waste your data limit if you forgot to turn on offline mode.

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